Visual Stress

There is a lot said about visual stress and dyslexia, often the two are linked and coloured acetates or glasses can help, as well as changing screen colours on your computer. What is often not understood is just how this works – how can printed letters move on a page it doesn’t seem to make sense.

It’s all down to frequencies, the colour, the spacing, the lighting, anyone who has seen an old western where the stagecoach wheels seem to go backwards, or seen how the news readers checked jacket makes the screen flare has experienced this impossible movement.

More commonly pictures set as optical illusions can use frequencies to give the illusion of movement.

The dyslexic can also have this with the page they read, and by changing the frequency with overlays or screen settings, you can tune out the movement and distortion to make reading easier.

Understanding of the condition is based on the theory that some individuals have hypersensitive photoreceptors, visual pathways, and/or brain systems that react inappropriately to some wavelengths of light.

Simple screening tests can be done with coloured acetates however the best results can be obtained by Colorimetry testing through a specially qualified optician, who can prescribe prescription coloured lenses.

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