From an early start – there was something not quite right – the world didn’t work as I was expected to believe it would – little did I know then that my Dyslexic Cognitive profile would lead me through trial, torment and distress, through to success, learning and recognition.

School became problematical – tables, spelling and handwriting caused issues, ultimately disruption and truancy stepped into my life.

As I grew I developed what I now knows as coping strategies – I was able to progress and develop, challenging the boundaries and perceptions surrounding Dyslexia.

I have studied dyslexia from a personal and academic perspective to better understand my dyslexia and to assist other dyslexics.

During my career I have worked in training and development and in recent times I have been proactive in supporting dyslexics and also furthering the dyslexic agenda.

I have spent over 31 years in Fire & Rescue Services, with experience in all levels of management, and in the multi agency context, ultimately reaching strategic management level.

I wanted to share my learning here with you, in the hope that I can help redress the balance and stop people focusing on the deficits whilst ignoring the benefits of being dyslexic.

I am happy to provide role model advice, based upon my experiences. Please see here

Please – enjoy my site!