Dyslexia – Fame

You will see a lot written about famous people – but very little actually identifies which of them if any are associated with Dyslexia.

There is a whole industry looking at how to become famous and its not the purpose of this article to define that, rather to look at the mechanism by which Dyslexia equips individuals to achieve fame from their endeavours.

Often when people look at lists of famous dyslexics their response is ‘ ooh haven’t they done well despite their dyslexia?’ its tragic that their lack of understanding frames this opinion, because its the very qualities of dyslexia that equips the individual to achieve to such levels.

Dyslexia actually equips people to excel in a field, and given the correct opportunities and support this is what they can do.

On this site you will find more detail of the successful dyslexics who have gone one to achieve success and fame because of their dyslexic abilities….

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